GetFundedAfrica Chosen as Technology Partner in Wema Bank’s Historic Collaboration with FGN

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In a groundbreaking partnership, Wema Bank Plc. and the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN), under the auspices of the Office of the Vice President, are set to embark on a massive initiative aimed at reshaping the future of the country. This ambitious project involves the training of 2 million youths and 1 million Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) across Nigeria while providing access to a funding pool of $50 million in grants, equity investment, and soft loans. Wema Bank, long committed to becoming Nigeria’s premier bank for innovation, is leading the charge on this transformative journey.

Nigeria’s vast population of 220 million people often presents a challenge in aligning government ambitions with the capacity to execute on a large scale. To bridge this gap, the FGN turned to the private sector for solutions and found a promising partner in Wema Bank, the owners of Nigeria’s pioneering digital banking platform, ALAT.

But the scope of this endeavor goes beyond mere training. Wema Bank’s commitment to innovation extends to its collaboration with various Nigerian states to renovate and construct innovation centers in coordination with relevant FGN Ministries. With a project of this magnitude, Wema Bank sought global partners to ensure its success.

After an extensive selection process, our portfolio company GetFundedAfrica was chosen as the Technology Partner and Program Design Partner. They deployed their Digital Innovation Management Platform (DIMP), a software designed to facilitate a seamless onboarding experience for applicants and program partners. DIMP offers a framework for online and offline course delivery, customization of individual learning paths using AI tools, and integration with certification partners like Microsoft, Google, Oracle, Amazon, Cisco, Meta, and many others.

Furthermore, DIMP plays a crucial role in global job placement, marketplace integration, and digital storefronts for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.

This collaboration means that Wema Bank and the FGN have co-created a transparent and inclusive program open to applicants from all states of Nigeria. Additionally, they have extended a warm invitation to local and international partners to work with them to achieve the specific goal of re-skilling and up-skilling working professionals, job seekers, business owners, and aspiring entrepreneurs. The ultimate aim is to position Nigeria as the global workforce for both the present and the future.

If you’re a working professional, job seeker, business owner, or aspiring entrepreneur interested in learning more about this initiative and the opportunities it offers, follow this link:

For partners, be they corporate organizations, government agencies, academia, investors, mentors, advisors, or training institutions eager to collaborate with the FGN and Wema Bank, the partnership link can be found here :

Adebola Omololu, GetFundedAfrica’s CEO mentioned they are equally thrilled to be part of this transformative program and is anticipating the far-reaching impact it will have in the years to come. This partnership between Wema Bank and the FGN is poised to redefine the future prospects of millions of Nigerians, fostering innovation and progress.


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