About Us

We believe founders who have started, operated and scaled companies, are the best people to invest in them. We know that ventures are only as good as their team, and teams are only as good as their shared passion, vision, commitment and communication.
People are at the heart of everything we do. We don’t invest in ventures, products or ideas, rather we invest in the individuals who build them. As founders ourselves we invest in people like us: wherever and however we find them.


We invest in people

We believe businesses are grown by people not money.

We invest in passion

We believe growth comes by obsessing over the challenge and the journey.

We invest anywhere

We believe that only regions without problems are without entrepreneurs.

The Team

Gbite Oduneye

At ODBA, our passion lies in championing the extraordinary founders who harness technology to weave incredible stories and reshape the world. We’re honored to support these trailblazing individuals, whose stories inspire us, visions align with ours, and determination knows no bounds.

Benjamin Boateng

ODBA is deeply committed to embarking on transformative journeys with the innovative founders we invest in, supporting their growth every step of the way. We’re fervent about nurturing entrepreneurs who leverage cutting-edge technology to build game-changing ventures that redefine industries and elevate lives across Africa

Tania Eyanga

We’re not just investors – we’re passionate partners committed to fueling the visionaries who dare to disrupt industries. Our focus lies in empowering the audacious entrepreneurs, those dedicated to constructing transformative companies that redefine the norms. But, our commitment doesn’t stop there. We take immense pride in championing women leaders, those game-changers who are not just building businesses, but are…

Osemu Aisomor

I engage deeply with the epicenter of innovation, examining ventures with the potential to upend our world. We are ardent supporters of not just transformative enterprises, but also of bold innovators shaping the horizon of tomorrow. We invest in a fusion of diversity and groundbreaking ideas, converting challenges into springboards for success. It’s an honor to collaborate with these visionaries,…

Frank Garcia

I help our firm effectively support the innovators we champion. We go beyond simply investing, nurturing those game-changers daring to redefine tomorrow. We turn obstacles into growth opportunities, a process I’m proud to be part of. It’s a privilege to aid these trailblazers as they navigate towards a future full of exciting potential.

Global Advisors

Do you have any questions?

We’re eager to embark on transformative journeys with visionary founders and collaborate with investors who share our core principles. If you’re one of these exceptional individuals, we invite you to reach out to us and begin this remarkable journey together. Let’s combine our strengths and passion to make a powerful, lasting impact on the world

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