Podcast: Babs Ogundeyi joins James Pringle and Hector Mason on Riding Unicorns

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Our portfolio company Kuda joins Riding Unicorns episode, Babs Ogundeyi shares his thoughts on building a Rocketship of a Fintech to serve Africa and beyond.

Babs Ogundeyi, the Founder and CEO of Kuda, a fintech company on a mission to make financial services more accessible, affordable and rewarding for every African on the planet. They’ve built the money app for Africans around the world, giving them a better alternative to traditional finance by delivering services including free money transfers, smart budgeting, investments and instant access to credit through digital devices.

Babs joins James Pringle and Hector Mason in this episode to share about the first key actions he took to start the business, what makes building a bank in Africa different from building one in the US or UK, what is the big vision for Kuda, & so much more.

Kuda is a fintech company on a mission to make financial services more accessible, affordable and rewarding for every African on the planet. shares his thoughts

They have raised over $91m from funds such as StartupbootcampTarget GlobalEntrée CapitalODBAValar Ventures LLC.

We cover incredible story of how Kuda got started with a simple website to validate demand, acquired a micro-bank for the license and rapidly built the premier fintech in Africa in just a few years.

One of the best episodes we have ever done. So many great lessons and insights for founders and investors

Listen here:
Spotify: https://lnkd.in/ecJtsEVY
Apple: https://lnkd.in/eG4pNTXA


ODBA champion visionary founders who leverage technology to craft extraordinary success stories. Our portfolio boasts investments in over 15 technology companies spanning 10 countries, generating more than 1,500 direct jobs and serving a vast community of over six million users and customers. We take immense pride in the profound impact our portfolio companies have already achieved across the continent and eagerly anticipate future contributions to the transformative landscape of Africa.

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