2014 – 2023

Hurone AI transforming Cancer Care

They are utilizing artificial intelligence to advance precision care, mostly in Africa and LATAM.

Fleri’s Global Ambition

Fleri breaks new ground with a successful launch in Canada, extending access to affordable healthcare beyond Africa.

Medsaf’s Broadened Impact

Medsaf expands its presence across Nigeria, streamlining medication procurement in seven states.

Awabah’s Pension Innovations

Awabah drives financial inclusion in Nigeria with increased pension participation and the innovative PenPay platform.

GFA’s Expanding Reach

GFA's unmatched reach spans 34 countries, setting the standard for innovative freight management in Africa.

Treepz’s Cross-Border Growth

Treepz forges new connections in Kenya, Ghana, and Uganda, revolutionizing transportation across Africa."

Kuda’s Impressive Achievements

Kuda celebrates 5 million customers, $90M in funding, and international expansion to the UK and Pakistan.

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